5 Advantages of UV Printing

In today’s ever-changing environment, people are increasingly seeking convenient and quick solutions. UV printing is a clear example of this.

1. What is UV printing?

UV printing is one type of commercial printing process that uses ultraviolet curing technology. In UV printing, the ink is dried or cured using ultraviolet light during the printing process. It was developed from gel nail polishes.

2. 5 Advantages of UV Printing

UV printing allows direct printing on variety of products, coated or uncoated, absorbent or non-absorbent. As long as the products fits inside the printing press, UV printing can be printed on it.


  • Prints On More Materials : With UV printing you can print on a variety of materials, such as wood, metal , acrylic, glass, and plastic. In addition, UV printing can’t only print on thin material but also on thick material up to 100mm!
  • Faster Turnaround : Time is money. We are entering the digital age, and everything is fast and precise. UV printing offers quick results on all your prints, whether they are offset or digital. You can save a lot of time with the faster drying time. UV printing will be one of your most effective choices. 
  • High Print Qualities :UV inks are known for their high print quality, as they tend to sit on top of the surface rather than being absorbed into it. As a result, UV inks tend to produce sharper and crisper images with more vibrant colours. In addition, UV printing can obtain a embossed effect by printing several layers on some areas of printing.
  • Perfect For Personalisation : It is ideal for personalized printing. There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) required for UV printing. It charges based on the size of the print area.
  • Environment-friendly : Compared to traditional printing methods, UV printing process emits almost no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and produces no excessive heat into the atmosphere. Therefore, UV printing is more eco-friendly.

3. Popular products that can be used for UV print

From hundreds of different products printed with UV printing, these are the popular products among our customers: vacuum flask, contactless menu, ID card, door sign, small promotional items, display products.

The use of UV printing is slowly becoming the predominant printing technology for a wide variety of products. Most customers prefer the fast and convenient UV printing process. Please feel free to contact us : onlineorder@2bprinting.com.sg  if you are in need of a trusted professional UV printing partner.

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