7 Survival Items for Your Event Exhibition

The border of the country is opening, our economy is on the way to recovery. More and more event exhibitions will be coming soon. We just need to do the BEST preparation for this opportunity. We shall share with you a few MUST-HAVE survival kits for your corporate events.

1. Brochures / Flyers

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Event brochures need to be informative and eye-catching. Focus more on design and clear layout can make your brochure more attractive. Besides, brochures are one-off use but impactful. So we have to make a balance between all the features.

2. Business Cards

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With unique and creative business cards design, the chance and opportunity to connect potential customers will get higher. Materials for business cards are getting variety and more information like QR code, vCard, social media link can put in this small card.

3.Door Gift

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There is many types of door gifts you can choose in the market. Pick a suitable one for your event potential customers such as thumb drive, tote bag, and notepads. The gifts are affordable, trendy and useful. Customers will remember your brand when using the door gifts.

4. Roll Up Banner

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Roll up banners are very easy to set up and transport. The roll up banner is about a human height, information easy spread and to be seen in a large crowd. Besides that, the roll up banner is suited certain requirement such as event mall that have limitations of height for display system. You can display them in any place without having to hang them.

5. Lanyard

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Lanyards make you and your event staff more visible. Through colour-themed lanyards, your team can easily be distinguished from the crowd. Variety size and style is available, just customise your own style lanyards for the event.

6. Apparel/ Uniform

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Should I wear casual or dress formally for the corporate event? Comfortable teams are happy teams. Choose the apparel that is easily personalised, comfortable and looks professional. Such as uniforms, sublimation shirts, aprons or caps, these apparel can help you create your brand image in the event.

7. Pop Up System

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People like to take photos in front of a special building or a backdrop. They will “check in” on their social media platform. Create a flat backdrop as a photography back wall for your event exhibition. It will attract more people to visit your booth.

Contact us now, we can customise the event survival kits for you.

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