6 Ways That You Can Add Value To Your Business Thank You Card

Thank you card is more than just “Thank you”

Although most marketers argue that placing an order is a perfect time for cross-selling products and services, we believe that a thank you card with Call-to-Action is a better horse to bet on! 

The reason is when a customer received a thank you card after making a purchase, they’re in their prime stage. Meaning, this is the best time when customers are most likely to buy again if they recall you and come back to you after a month or in the near future. Lure them by offering coupons or something valid only with limited time of their purchase, maybe? 

1. Offer next-purchase discounts

Any one that made their first purchase with you considers your customer. Why don’t you turn them into your loyal customers and encourage them to take more actions in future?


Rewarding first-time customers with discounts, and coupons is a great way to keep them coming back.


Tips: Use a promo code for the discount, even if your customers don’t use, they can share it with their friends.


2. Referral Bonus campaign

Give customers a STRONG reason to recommend you to friends by offering them discounts or free gifts. You can simply offer added values such as coupon code, free sample, extended free trial, extra credits and even additional free content.


Tips: Use a QR code on the card, this will make it easy for your customers to share around.


3. Create a loyalty card scheme

If you sell high-volume, low-value items (hot drinks, snack food), give customers a loyalty card to be stamped with every purchase. Once they reach the target number, they qualify for a free item. The cards encourage your customers to return to your shop by promising deal for multiple purchases. The more they shop with you, the more they will receive in return.


Tips: Use different rewards for different tiers, this will encourage your loyal customers to achieve the highest tier.

4. Ask your customer for a review

A review is extremely important, but surprisingly a lot of the companies don’t implement it. Review not only have the power to influence consumer decisions, but also increase a company’s credibility. The customers already engaged with your company, and you have to take the chance to achieve a great online reputation, the entire team must be involved in generating reviews for the business. Besides that, customers are much more likely to follow you on social media. 


Tips: appreciate your customer’s effort for giving you a review by rewarding them with discount coupons and etc.

5. Ask for sign up newsletter

After clients received your goods, don’t forget invites them to receive promotions and updates from your company. It can develop a readership and grow your list. Customers found your content useful and engage with your company, by simply including a SignUp link/ QR Code for your cards. It may be an extra value they weren’t expecting when they signed up for your offer. Thus, create a feeling of excitement.


Tips: If visitors aren’t acting on the offer, you may include an expiration date or countdown timer to encourage them to act quicker.

6. Care Instruction for your products.

Educated your customers how to care of the items that they have purchased from you is an important part of the sales game. Care instruction cards are the best way to relate to your brand values/ brand awareness, especially if your products are handmade or use any specialist materials.


Tips: Adding interesting parts or fun facts about your products will make your customers keep in mind. Be the first to appear in your customers’ mind when they think of a particular product.


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