6 Reasons Why You Should Carry a Notebook With You

With the right apps, a smartphone can do almost anything, but it’s also useful to occasionally put your phone aside in favor of a trusty notebook. Physical notebook still can’t be replaced.

Here are 6 reasons to carry a physical notebook around with you:

Reason #1: You can use it for everything

A lined notebook, dotted notebook or grid notebook, which one you prefer? Not matter which you choose, you can write it for journaling, sketches, doodles, and also diagrams. The lines don’t bother you. You can get out of the box anytime.

Reason #2: You never know when inspiration will strike

Inspiration is happen in flash. How you catch it? You have to always be ready. Physical notebook is the great place for you to write down ideas. At the same time, boost your creativity in your writing. Sketch your idea, draw diagrams, even colour it. Drawing with pen definitely faster than in digital device. Not an artist? No problem. Just give it a shot. This is not an art project.

Reason #3: Quick and easy to refer to

With the help of a sticky note or bookmark, and you will get to where you want. When you want to do something in digital note-taking, you only can type ” search”.

Reason #4: Writing can be good for your body, mind and soul.

Rather than processing the given information, with digital note-taking, actually we take it all down, word for word. You probably forget about the expression of the speaker or the main points he wants to emphasize.
Yes, listen and writing note do helps you to improve your learning. It is a way of portraying your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When you start writing, you create space for self-realization, better decision making and you are able to consider a different point of view.

Reason #5: Enhance your memory

When writing a note, we have to use our brain, eyes, ears and hands. Movement, touch, hearing, vision increases your memory. All of these senses makes you remember something better.

Reason #6: Disconnect from Social Media

It’s easy to get distracted when so many apps try to catch our attention with a constant flow of notifications. Thankfully, a notebook has none of that. You will be more productivity and efficiency. And notebook is no batteries needed. Imagine when you are writing and suddenly the note-taking app is crashing, what can you do? Just find a piece of paper and a pen will do.

Do you prefer to use apps or physical notebooks? Let’s talk about it.

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